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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Would you believe some kids actually have to take a bus to school?

Posted by dubey | 2:24 PM |

"Give me danger little stranger..."

Posted by dubey | 2:22 PM |

Why does this boy never have to clean his room?

a. He never gets it dirty
b. He's a part time brick layer so that he can pay for the maid.
c. His parents love cleaning!
d. He has a cannon!

Posted by dubey | 2:15 PM |

The ladies are amazed that Rob can drink a bottle of Champange in under a minute while standing on one foot.

Posted by dubey | 2:10 PM |


When offered feast or famine, you can be sure which this group will choose!

Posted by dubey | 1:57 PM |

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